Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Picture

These are 5 of my better pictures from the Yellowstone trip.
ISO200 200mm f/5.6 1/640
I am happy with this picture. I think all my settings were set correctly and am happy with how I composed it. I used a brush to brighten the face of the bison and also brightened the shadows to ring out some more detail in the bison.

ISO200 55mm f/9.0 1/500
 I am mostly happy with this picture. I wish I would have shot an a higher aperture as to get the tree a bit more in focus. It was very foggy so I'm not sure how in focus the tree could have been in through the fog.
ISO100 40mm f/13 1/640
 I really like this picture, it is one of my personal favorites. I took this picture as a landscape and cropped to this aspect ratio. It does not have a high resolution and wont be able to be blown up big but that's not a problem for me because I wont ever blow it up! Im very happy with how this came out regardless of the resolution.
ISO200 200mm f/5.6 1/200
 I'm happy with how this picture came out. The only thing which I think could be improved is to make the mountains in focus. I was limited to f5.6 because I didn't want to raise my ISO  any more and couldn't shoot any longer of an exposure without having blur happen. For the early morning situation with lower light this turned out very well for me.
ISO200 200mm f/10 1/160
I like how the rocks look. The crack in the rock makes this much more interesting to me.

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