Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jasper National Park

This is a picture of Spirit Island in Jasper National Park in Canada. The Picture was taken by Raymond Gehman of National Geographic
Jasper National Park is a place I would love to take a road trip to. It is located North of Banff National Park and West of Edmonton. It is the largest national park in Canada and home to very densely populated wildlife. The best time to go to Jasper would be late summer to early fall.

There are many ways to explore Jasper. A popular way is  to drive and camp at the assortment of campsites. There are also hundreds of miles of trails which you can bike on, ride horses, or go backpacking. There are 82 backpacking campsites in Jasper.

For more information go here!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 Picture Midterm

These are three of my best pictures this semester. Unfortunately I lost my SD card this past week and wasn't able to take my DSLR with me for two picture adventures but my phone camera hopefully sufficed.
This was taken on my flight over the Beartooths on a flight with Rocky. My camera was set to ISO100, 55mm, f/8.0, 1/250. I wish I would have taken this picture on slightly different settings. I needed a faster shutter speed to prevent the blur in the picture. I believe I could have dropped the aperture a stop and still had everything in focus (I also shouldn't have shot through the window of the plane). But overall I'm happy with the result for my first attempt at aerial photography. 

 This was taken with my phone camera on AUTO the auto settings were ISO 50, 3.97mm, f/2.4 and 1/400. I wasn't planning on taking pictures of anything this day, I went to a ranch to ride horses and the sun unexpectedly broke through the clouds as it was setting. I wish I had my DSLR but I had lost the SD card that morning. 

This is by far my favorite picture I have taken this semester. This was taken on a rare foggy day up on the Rims in Billings. I had just missed the tree being covered in frost, there is still a little bit but I wish I could have got there earlier and taken a picture with the frost. Like I said before I didn't use my DSLR becasue I had lost my SD card a few days before. My phone came in clutch on the AUTO setting and took this for me. It was a very impromptu picture as explained in my previous post.  My camera took this on ISO50 3.97mm f/2.4 and 1/480 shutter speed.  

Fog in Billings

A crazy event happened in Billings on Wednesday Morning. There was fog! In  my four years of living in Billings I have seen that thick of fog less than a handful of times. When I woke up I immediately wanted to get some pictures. However, I had lost my SD card for my DSLR and my phone was dead because I had forgot to charge it the night before. I charged my phone to 12% on the drive up to the the rims and ended up pleasantly surprised with the results from Auto on my camera from my phone. The results are below.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flying Paradise Valley

As an aviation student I have the opportunity to take my camera up with me while I fly. I managed to take my camera with me on my flight through the Beartooths and Paradise Valley. I didn't get as many quality pictures as I would have liked and learned some good lessons. Fist is set up your camera on the ground. My white balance was not on auto and all my pictures ended up extremely blue before editing. I did not open the window of the plane and all my pictures are blurred on the edges. My flight was at high noon so the lighting was not great. My headset also kept changing the settings on the camera which made it hard to shoot on a manual mode. I did end up taking some cool pictures, just not great award winning pictures like I tried to imagine. 

 This first picture is taken just east of Paradise Valley. I'm honestly not sure if I could find this valley again
 I do not remember where we were when we took this picture but I do like the result.
 This was taken at around 9000ft over Gardiner looking Southwest, I think.
 This is taken of a group of Cabins on Hebgen lake which is Northwest of West Yellowstone.
 I tried so hard to get a decent pictures of the geyser and steam activity in Yellowstone but this below average picture is the best I got.
 This could be my favorite. This is looking North just Northwest of Gardiner at the start of Paradise Valley. The whole flight was surreal and this was one of the coolest spots I've flown through.
 I think this might be Emigrant Peak, not sure, but I think so.
I remember we dipped down pretty low into a valley and flew almost uncomfortably close to some peaks. This was one of the peaks which caught my eye so I took a picture of it.